About MCPWO’s Metering System.

The Macomb County Public Works Office Commissioner (MCPWO) maintains a state-of-the-art wastewater flow data collection, management, and reporting system.  The primary purpose of the system is to acquire reliable flow data used to allocate wastewater service costs to members of the Macomb County Wastewater Disposal District (MCWDD).  The system is also used to identify, quantify, and display components of dry and wet weather flow for each meter district and groups of meter data sets.

This web portal allows MCWDD member communities and other stakeholders to access approved raw and compiled data reports.

The metering program was developed by the MCPWO with assistance from its consultants.  The program is entirely owned by the MCPWO and is designed to be continuously enhanced for the exclusive purposes of the MCPWO and the MCWDD.

Macomb County Wastewater Metering Web Application - For Users.pdf